Frequently Asked Questions

Nurture skin has two types of cleansers ; Gunk out cleanser & Calm on cleanser .
Gunk out has 2% salicyclic acid is ideal if you have oily & acne prone skin.
Calm on is great for dry , normal & combination skin.

Both cleansers are fairly gentle & non stripping.

Nurture skin carries two types of moisturizer ; Dewy moisturizer & Lumina moisturizer.

Dewy moisturizer is packed with ceramides & hyaluronic acid which are great for keeping the skin soothed , plump & moisturized. It’s useful for barrier repair & great for all skin types.

Lumina is packed with hyperpigmentation ingredients like alpha Arbutin, white licorice & alpine plant. If you have hyperpigmentation (dark spots , melasma, chloasma etc) then this is your go to moisturizer.

Both products are best paired with sunscreen to be effective.

Nurture skin has three types of masks ; Purity mask , Rosé mask & Quench resurfacing leave on mask .
Purity mask contains 2% salicyclic acid & is ideal if you have oily & acne prone skin.
Rosé Mask is great for all skin types. It is the go to mask if you want to just soothe and pamper skin.

Quench contains bakuchiol, glutathione, resveratrol & mandelic acid.
It’s an overnight sleeping mask that’s helps with gentle exfoliation. Ideal for hyperpigmentation & texture.

All masks are a great addition to any skincare routine.

Intra-regional packages are delivered the same day if orders are placed before 9 am.
Inter-regional packages sent out same day if orders are placed before 9am. Recipient receives
package the following day.
International packages are delivered between 7-10 working days.

There’s a detailed description of each product. Ingredients, method of use and specific uses.
Kindly click on each product to know more.

Yes . Nurture Skin products are FDA approved.

Yes we ship worldwide via DHL.

Yes , We deliver to other regions in Ghana.

We are located at Teshie on the Manna road, You can search Nurture Skin on google maps. We
are open Mondays – Saturdays 8am – 5pm. Please call 0201218802 for directions.

Yes , we allow clients to walk in to purchase or pick up their packages if they wish to during
opening hours (Mondays – Saturdays 8am -5pm)

We are a strict non bleaching brand & push for safe skincare products & habits.

A virtual consultation enables us to see exactly what we are dealing with . Be it acne prone, dry
, normal or steroid compromised skin.
It also allows us to monitor progress & adjust treatment if need be.

We will never share your pictures without seeking permission from you. We understand &
respect client privacy .

You can always send a direct message and get a full consultation on starting your skincare
routine. We will be happy to assist.

Yes you do. UV protection is important. Everyone needs to wear sunscreen regardless of skin
type or color. UV protection is important

Yes , you can use facial oils even with oily skin . You just have to be careful about the oils you
choose. Clarity oil & Glow drops are great for oily & acne prone skin.

You can start with Ret-ify serum twice a week at night and build up

Yes. Donations to support the initiative. are welcome

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