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We are Nurtureholiks originally Nurture Skin. Founded in September 2019. As the name signifies, nurturing the skin is our primary concern. Our founder, Dr Alberta Amissah has always loved skincare. It was devastating to see multiple people ruin their beautiful skin with the use of harsh & unsafe skincare products on market. She decided to create safer skincare with a combination of wonderful skin superfoods & potent skincare actives researched to provide enormous benefits to the skin.

We are a strict anti-bleaching skincare brand. In the year 2020, We launched an anti-bleaching campaign where we go to high schools to educate students on the harmful side effects of skin bleaching. We try to encourage them to love the skin they were born with. We hope that by doing this we can boost their confidence & prevent some of the unsightly side effects of skin bleaching.

We have also launched the Nurture for girls initiative where 1% of profits goes into providing sanitary pads for girls in impoverished communities. Knowing that a substantial number of them miss school during their monthly cycle as a result of the inability to afford sanitary pads, we thought it would be a great way to support them.

In 2022, We are aiming to become a more sustainable brand. Recognizing the negative impact plastics have on the environment, it’s our aim to change our packaging from plastic to glass & also, invest in recycling. Creating a better planet for all.

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